My principal occupation is as a Professor of Cognitive Robotics at the University of Sheffield. I hold a degree in Psychology (Edinburgh), and a Masters in Artificial Intelligence (Aberdeen) and PhD in Machine Learning (Sheffield). I have written over 200 articles, book chapters, and papers, many of which are available through my Google Scholar or ResearchGate pages. I have also edited several books including the OUP Handbook of Living Machines and the Scholarpedia of Touch. For more on my academic activities see my Orchid page.

Together with many colleagues I have helped create, or program, a number of biomimetic robots including the commercial MiRo-e animal-like robot. I have also co-founded two UK robotics companies—Consequential Robotics and Cyberselves Universal. As a psychologist interested in human-robot interaction, I have investigated how people think about and respond to robots, and how we can immersively control robots through telepresence.

I have given many public talks about psychology, robotics and AI, for instance at New Scientist Live, the Edinburgh Science Festival and the Institute of Contemporary Art some of which are available on my YouTube channel along with videos of our robots. I am available for public speaking. I also write for science journalism outlets including TheConversation and the New Scientist.